Candies / cookies / biscuits
Cad. Crunchie pc
Cad. Dairymilk 49g
Cad. Dairymilk 100g
Cad. Dipped flakes pc
Cad. Flakes pc
Cad. Fruit&nut 49g
Cad. Fruit&nut 100g
Cad. Whole nut 49g
Cad. Whole nut 100g
Farley's rusks 18's
Heritage digestives choc. 300g
Jacob's cream cracker 200g
Jacob's cream cracker 900g tin
Bounty 57g
Mars candy pc
Mcvities digestives 250g
Mcvities digestives 400g
Mcvities rich tea 200g
Mcvities shortbread 200g
Milka alpine choc 100g
Milka apline crème choc. 100g
Milka hazelnut choc. 100g
Nestle aero mint pc
Nestle aero choc. Pc
Nestle crunchie pc
Nestle kitkat lg 4fin bar
Nestle lion bar large pc
Nestle quality street 275g
Nestle quality street 480g
Nestle quality street 1.2kg
Nestle smarties roll
Parle glucose bisc. 70g
Polo fruit candy roll
Polo mint candy roll
Toblerone 35g
Rowntree fruit gums
Rowntree fruit pastilles
Nestle kinder bueno 2bar
Mango mood candy 450g
Pan pasand candy 450g
Swad candy 900g
Royalty cream cracker 200g
Royalty butter shortbread 200g
Royalty digestives 400g
Royalty ginger nuts 150gm
Royalty oaties 300g
Toblerone milk choc. 100g
Toblerone dark choc. 100g
Toblerone white choc. 100g
Sw banana chips hot 7oz
Sw banana chips mld 14oz
Sw plain boondi 14oz
Sw sev 14oz
Sw nylon sev 14oz
Sw hot mix 14oz
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