Flours (can be packed in 3.5oz / 7oz / 14oz / 2lb / 4lb / or custom)
Sw chappati flour 20lb
Sw rice flour 20lb
Comet rice flour 25lb
Comet rice flour 50lb
Brown rice flour lb
All purpose flour (maida) lb
Besan flour lb
Buckwheat flour 4lb
Bulger #1 lb
Bulger #2 lb
Bulger #3 lb
Corn flour yellow lb
Corn meal yellow lb
Corn flour white lb
Haleem wheat lb
Mamra basmati 20lb
Sw mamra basmati 5lb
Sw mamra basmati 2lb
Sw mamra basmati 14oz
Semolina lb
Suji (farina) lb
Jalpur bajri flour 1kg
Jalpur bajri flour 2kg
Jalpur besan 1kg
Jalpur besan 2kg
Jalpur dhana pdr 500g
Jalpur dhana jeera pdr 500g
Jalpur dhana jeera pdr 1kg
Jalpur dhana jeera pdr 1.5kg
Jalpur dhana jeera pdr 2kg
Jalpur dhokla flour 1kg
Jalpur juwar flour 1kg
Jalpur ladu besan 1kg
Jalpur maghaj flour 1kg
Jalpur mathia flour 1kg
Jalpur moong flour 1kg
Jalpur ondhwa flour 1kg
Jalpur papad flour 1kg
King mamra 14oz
Rafhan corn flour 300g
Poha thick lb
Poha thin lb
Ragi flour lb
Rajgiro pdr lb
Barley whole lb
Barley flour lb
Soy flour
Oat flour
Urad flour lb
Idli rawa 4lb
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